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Common Course Syllabus Elements for: HIST 1112—World Civilization II (Updated—April 2003)



Instructor: Douglas Thomas  

Office Location: Building 100 Rm 113

Office Telephone Number: 404 756 4715

Email Address:

Office Hours: 3:30-6pm



AMC Course Number and Title:                HIST 1112—World Civilization II



Current Catalog Course Description:                AMC Catalog, 2001-2003, p. 237: This course consists of a survey of World History from early modern times to the present. Prerequisite: Exit or exemption from Learning Support Reading.

*Satisfies College Preparatory Curriculum [CPC] requirements in history when cross-referenced as HIST 0112; cannot be repeated for credit if taken to satisfy a CPC requirement.



AMC Social Sciences Division History Unit Mandated Course Outcomes--

Upon completion of the course students should be able to:

1. Demonstrate knowledge of the basic themes associated with the time period and subject matter of the course.

2. Demonstrate an understanding of different historical interpretations and some of the reasons for the differences.

3. Gather, organize, and interpret historical information in a logical fashion and express themselves better in formal modes of communication.

4. Demonstrate knowledge of significant historical material and major questions associated with history--including evolution versus revolution, continuity and change, the hero in history and the influence of the environment and conditions, the complexity of events (such as the interaction of government, society and culture, religion, values, economic, class, the arts, etc.), cause and effect, long and short term causation, comparison and contrast, and intergroup relations.

5. Relate historical information to the present and recognize the problems associated with such analogies.

6. Utilize critical thinking skills in analyzing historical problems.

7. Gain an understanding and appreciation of the relevance of history to their life.



Expected Results--Students should demonstrate a critical knowledge of the following general periods in the history of the world from early modern times to the present, as reflected in their attainment of an end of term grade of “C” or better:

1.  World Contact

2.  Rise of the West

3. African beginnings of decline

4. Turkish Empire and the decline of Islam

5. European Imperialism

6.World War I

7.World War II                         

8. Cold War

9. Independence Movements

10. Neocolonization



Methods of assessment/evaluation, grading standards, and criteria: Examinations and a project.




1. AMC Social Sciences Division History Unit Mandated Required Textbook: See Full-Time History Faculty for Current Textbook.

2. Supplemental Resources: Assigned at Discretion of Instructor.



Attendance Policies:  You will get 4pts for every class you attend after 28 January.  The total points will equal 100pts.  If you are late, two points will be taken.  If you do not show up, you will receive no points unless your absence is cleared by me.



Course Outline:

Socio-Political Changes in Europe

Pre-colonial Africa and Asia

Islamic Powers

Industrialization and Imperialism

World War I

World War II

Cold War and Decolonization




Class Calendar—Schedule of Assignments and/or Exams

Exam I Chpts 16-19

Exam II Chpts 20, 21, 27

Exam III Chpts 22, 28

Exam IV Chpts. 23, 24,25, 29

Exam V Chpts. 30 to the end.



Methods of Subject-Matter Delivery and Related Activities—may include: Other than the exams, everyone is required to choose a country to do an analysis on in the form of an oral report.  This includes but is not limited to, the main language, customs, currency, type of government, economy, history, and geographic location.



Other Policies (such as late assignments, academic dishonesty, etc.)  Don’t cheat.