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 HIST 2112—United States History II



Instructor: Douglas Thomas

Office Location: Rm 113 Science Lecture Building

Office Telephone Number: 404-756-4715

Email Address:

Office Hours: MW 11-12, TTh 3:30-4pm



AMC Course Number and Title:                HIST 2112—United States History II



Current Catalog Course Description:                AMC Catalog, 2001-2003, p. 237: This course presents a survey of United States History from the post-Civil War period to the present and satisfies the State requirement for United States and Georgia History. (Students who have taken an American History course at private or out-of-state institutions must pass a Division-administered examination or must take U. S. History 2111 or 2112 in order to satisfy the Georgia history section of the course.) Prerequisite: Exit or exemption from Learning Support Reading.



AMC Social Sciences Division History Unit Mandated Course Outcomes--

Upon completion of the course students should be able to:

1. Demonstrate knowledge of the basic themes associated with the time period and subject matter of the course.

2. Demonstrate an understanding of different historical interpretations and some of the reasons for the differences.

3. Gather, organize, and interpret historical information in a logical fashion and express themselves better in formal modes of communication.

4. Demonstrate knowledge of significant historical material and major questions associated with history--including evolution versus revolution, continuity and change, the hero in history and the influence of the environment and conditions, the complexity of events (such as the interaction of government, society and culture, religion, values, economic, class, the arts, etc.), cause and effect, long and short term causation, comparison and contrast, and intergroup relations.

5. Relate historical information to the present and recognize the problems associated with such analogies.

6. Utilize critical thinking skills in analyzing historical problems.

7. Gain an understanding and appreciation of the relevance of history to their life.



Expected Results--Students should demonstrate a critical knowledge of the following general periods in the history of the United States from 1865 to the present, as reflected in their attainment of an end of term grade of “C” or better:

1. Reconstruction

2. Westward Expansion

3. Gilded Age

4. Industrialization

5. Populism     

6. Imperialism

7. Post-Civil War Urbanization, Immigration, Protest, and Reform             

8. Progressive Era

9. New Era of the 1920s

10. Great Depression

11. Second World War Era

12. Cold War and Containment

13. Post-Second World War Conservativism

14. Post-Second World War Liberalism and Social Change

15. Neoconservatism

16. Recent Trends




There will be exams as listed below, an essay, and a comprehensive final exam.



1. AMC Social Sciences Division History Unit Mandated Required Textbook: Liberty, Equality, Power: A History of the American People by John Murrin

2. Supplemental Resources: Buy scantron sheets for quizzes and final exam and be sure to have pencils.



Attendance Policies: You will be given a grade for attendance.  Perfect attendance will get you 100 pts.  I will start counting attendance on Jan.28.  Each day will count 4 points.  Points will be deducted if you leave early without approval from the professor.   Come to class!   Don’t miss class!



Course Outline:

American Civil War immediate and long-term consequences

Reconstruction Era origins, development, and downfall

Westward expansion influences and consequences

Gilded Age Society


Late Nineteenth Century industrialization, urbanization, immigration, and protest

Causes and consequences of United States Imperialism

Spanish-American War causes and consequences

Early Twentieth Century social reform

Progressive Era

First World War United States intervention and impact on United States society


Great Depression causes and consequences

New Deal Era

Second World War United States intervention and impact on United States society

Post-Second World War United States influence in International Relations

Cold War origins, characteristics, and international relations consequences

Cold War Influences on United States domestic relations

Post-1945 social and cultural liberalism and the conservative reactions

New Left

New Right


Recent trends



Class Calendar—

Have the following reading assignments read by the date because a quiz will be given on that date.

Jan 21      Chpts 17-19   Exam I

Feb. 16     Chpts 20-22   Exam II

March 4    Chpts 23-25   Exam III

March 31  Chpts 26-28   Exam IV

April 26     Chpts 29-31   Exam V


Living history Assignment due the week of March 17.

This deadline is firm.  If you do not give the paper on or before that day without prior clearance or a “good” excuse, you will receive a failing grade for this assignment.  The decision of which excuses are good lies totally at the instructor’s discretion.


Write an essay about a current event that will have far reaching effects on the future.  Describe the event and discuss the historical antecedents of the even expounding in detail how you project it will affect the future.


The essay is to be 3 to 5 pages.


This class is a lecture/discussion class.  Reading the assigned text along with any other reading assignments are only geared toward enhancing your understanding of the material.



Do not cheat from your classmates.  Do not copy material from any other source into your paper without citing it.  Write your own ideas.  If you do cheat and/or plagiarize, I will know it!